In February while over here for the Trade Show Lynell The Queen of Stencils at Dreamweaver spent four days in Skipton teaching  Part 1 of the Dreamweaver  Teachers Certification course to two groups of talented crafters.

Lynell, Georgie, Jan, Emma, Janet, Dorrie, Judith, Gill, Janet, Dorothy

The course is a very intense two days, learning and practising Dreamweaver Techniques. To complete the course the participants have to go away and complete a project on their own with written instructions to show that they have an understanding of the techniques and that they are able to share these.

Gwen, Mel, Lynell, Christina, Sue, Linda, Judith, Diane, Viv, Julie, Jen, Nina.

If you are looking to learn more about Dreamweaver Stencils and how versatile they are then look out for a class across the country that is taught by a Dreamweaver Certified Teacher.  If you looking for someone to teach stencilling in your shop then look no further than our talented team.

So a bit about the team of of Certified Teachers (in no particular order)

Christina Dore runs A Maze of Memories in Long Crendon Buckinghamshire. This is a vibrant craft centre that has the space available for a constant stream of creativity, especially with such a well-stocked shop on hand. Christina has devised a Dreamweaver Course of her own to take her customers through their paces over a series of one day workshops.

You will find more about A Maze of Memories here.

The inspirational blog is here

Diane Smith owns Crafts and Candlelight in Ipswich. Diane already operated a Dreamweaver Club and the course has excited her with so many ideas for future workshops. Contact Diane if you would like to be on the e-mailing list for her workshops.

The Craft and Candlelight website is here. You will find the blog here.

Linda Robinson runs LLindas craft shop in Laneham North Nottinghamshire with a background in teaching, sharing her knowledge and love of paper crafts comes naturally to her. Lots of Dreamweaver classes to be found here if you are in the area, and a shop packed full of sample boards. Linda’s blog is here. The shop has a website too you will find it here.


Georgina Aitken has a very interesting set up with a choice of places to run her workshops at Quay Side Crafts in Sheffield as the craft shop is combined with the family boat business. Georgina like the rest of the Certified Teachers loves to share her passion for paper crafts, by teaching and demoing.

Nina Lavelle can be found down on the South Coast at Creativity Cards and Crafts in Eastbourne. With a cheeky smile and a twinkle in her eye a warm welcome awaits with classes, samples and it goes without saying lots of stencilling knowledge!

The website is here. Nina’s blog here. You can find them on Facebook too!

Janet Caudrelier aka Japonica Jan is a new convert to Dreamweaver stencils (the card making pedigree is very long) and has taken to them like a duck to water. Janponica is in Exmouth where the shop holds gifts as well as crafting goodies, with regular demo’s and crafting workshops it is a sunny place it that corner of the country.

 Jan’s Japonica blog is here   and they are also on Facebook.

Sue Hobbs oversees the happenings at all of the Samuel Taylors six craft stores in the Yorkshire area and still finds time to demo and teach not only Dreamweaver stencils which she is brilliant with but other paper crafts too.

The website is here and the shop’s blog is here, you can find them on Facebook too.

Janet Makinson represents CraftRange.com in all things social, from cakes to Facebook with demoing and workshops in between. A great store with parking outside, and plenty of space for demos and workshops. Janet is experienced at crafting and teaching.

 The CraftRange.com website is here. The blog is here. They are on Facebook

Jen Fisher mainly a scrap booker runs Wear Crafts and can be found in her new creative space near Durham which has lots of Woodware goodies for sale and where you can crop or attend card workshops.

Viv Howe can also be found at Wear Crafts, where she is the card specialist and has a very different style to Jen.

Website here,  Jen has her own Scrappy Jen blog too. Of course you will find them on Facebook.


Gill Wilson is a freelance demonstrator in the Yorkshire area. Gill is part of the Dreamweaver Design team this year and blog’s regularly on Gill’s Crafty Journey

Emma Rees is the Dreamweaver expert at Inspirations by Cardcraft Plus in Preston, and is just desperate to share her knowledge with the crafters in the Preston area.

Gwen Fletcher is the owner and driving force behind The Stamp Pad in Lancashire. You can find her on Facebook the website is disguised as Papercraft Junkie you will find the workshop list for the classes in Saddleworth near Manchester on the web site Class List and twice a year Gwen runs a retreat, which I can personally recommend.

6 thoughts on “Dreamweaver

  1. What alot of talent-all taught by the lovely Lynell. I enjoyed the course sooo much. I demonstrated some stencilling in March and whetted my customers appetites, and so far have taught 2 full beginners classes and 4 other technique classes, with 5 more in June and July coming up! Al of my classes have been oversubscribed, so Stencilling has really inspired us in Exmouth and Devon! Its keeping me very busy, and I love it and keep Dreaming up new things to teach. I’m also loving the new designs…oh cannot wait to use the owl. Thanks to Lynell. X


  2. I have just completed a fantastic 3 day dreamweaver course with Christina at AMAZEOFMEMORIES. Christina is a great teacher. The home work is always optional, but I intend to make some cards with the techniques we have done. Thanks christina.


    1. I have also done the 3 day course with Christina. Loved it immensly. Now practising the techniques to show off my new skills.
      A grat fun three days of learning.


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