A Look Back at Woodware – Day 6

Judith has been the face of Woodware since 1992 when the distributed one US stamp company, PSX do you remember them? Great stamp designs, and very high quality rubber stamps, things in paper craft have moved a long way since then and Woodware has moved with them.

The product range is now enormous and varied, sourced from around the world and also sold around the world.

Woodware in the hands of Judith and her husband Dave has been an amazing company to work for and buy from, of course they have great help from the rest of the team!

I am sad to say that Judith and her husband David are ready to retire so we are having a look at some of our blog posts from the past…

here we have another sketch for you and some very interesting takes on it


What do you think?


This one is from Craty Debs using Jane Gill’s stamps


This is mine, using a mix of Jane Gill stamps and Magenta.


Francoise with one of her Clear Magic ginger bread men.


a very pretty card from Kim


a very, clever, cute and colurful card from Pam the Pampered Stamper


This one is from Siobhan our Recovering Stampaholic

Then a seletion from the girls at A Maze of Memories






oh Sarah again!




love this one from Megan


and an elegant one from Megan


Last but not least Mary


A very happy bunch, I know that they are all doing exciting things with their lives but hopefully they are still stamping.

2 thoughts on “A Look Back at Woodware – Day 6

  1. What a surprise to see cards made by my previous Saturday girls at A Maze of Memories on the blog today! And I can confirm that yes, they are all still crafting, even with busy jobs. Lovely to see a selection of Woodware stamps too.
    Over the years I have had many favourite Woodware stamps, but the Forbes and Friends set is on my top ten list!


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