A Look Back at Woodware – Day 5

Judith has been the face of Woodware since 1992 when the distributed one US stamp company, PSX do you remember them? Great stamp designs, and very high quality rubber stamps, things in paper craft have moved a long way since then and Woodware has moved with them.

The product range is now enormous and varied, sourced from around the world and also sold around the world.

Woodware in the hands of Judith and her husband Dave has been an amazing company to work for and buy from, of course they have great help from the rest of the team!

I am sad to say that Judith and her husband David are ready to retire so we are having a look at some of our blog posts from the past…

This is a good theme, it is simply Pick a Colour, interesting to see the colours that the girls have chosen.


Crafty Deb with this wintry card.


This is Siobhan’s


This is from Pam the Pampered Stamper


love Jane the Flower Girl’s gold, very classy just like our Jane


Beautiful green card from Francoise.


and surprise (well it was for me) I have used brown!

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