Make Christmas Special with Metallic F/x – Day 5

This week the girls are using Dreamweaver Metallic F/x this is a very high quality Mica powder in a stunning range of colours. The pot contains nothing but high quality mica pigment, no fillers!

Crafty Debs today with a very delicate Christmas card


Crafty Debs has used Jane’s Clear Magic stamp Skating Snowmen and in the background the Traditional Trees stamp also designed by Jane.


Debs has stamped and cut out the snowmen, then painted them with the Metallic F/x powder. Crafty Debs has mixed the powder with water, to make a water colour paint, if you want to make it more robust you can add Gum Arabic to the mixture, or if you mix it with Acrylic Glue you can make an acrylic paint.


Crafty Debs has used a mask to mask out the bottom of the trees so that she could vary the size. They have been stamped with a Watermark pad and then the powder delicately added.

I love the way that Crafty Debs has painted the drifts of snow and the clusters of crystals at the corners look really great. Debs has made this a tent fold card, this allows for the charmoing bow at the top.

Thanks for visiting pop over to see what else Crafty Debs has been up to?




4 thoughts on “Make Christmas Special with Metallic F/x – Day 5

  1. I like so much about this card. . . The color of the trees, the glittery bling, the bow, and most importantly, the two snowmen with their looks of total happiness.


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