Make Christmas Special with Metallic F/x – Day 4

This week the girls are using Dreamweaver Metallic F/x this is a very high quality Mica powder in a stunning range of colours. The pot contains nothing but high quality mica pigment, no fillers!

Here is my second attempt at making Christmas special with Dreamweaver’s Metallic F/x


I have used Jane’s Snowflake Flower Clear Magic stamp, I think that it is one of my favourites this year.


first I stamped it with my watermark pad and then I added two colours of Metallic F/x Navajo Sky and Golf Finch


Then I brushed off the excess with the soft blending brush and used the corner rounder to finish off the layer.


something that I have not done for a very long time is to use my Watermark pad just to stamp with, I remember being very excited by being able to do this many years ago when the pads first came on the market. How brilliant is it that you can stamp with one ink pad to make a background without having to find an ink pad that will match? Oh simple things!


I added some plain 15mm organza ribbon and attached the panel to the card.


Then I tied on some dotty organza


The greeting is from the same stamp set and I have edged the panels with the gold finch Metalic F/x. Just run your card along a Watermark pad and brush the powder on.


Thanks for visiting see you soon!

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