The Time of Mellow Fruitfulness – Day 5

Jane the Flower Girl today bringing us her fruitful card…


Jane has dug out one of her favourite cards, but she did have a run of these, and they are rather special, but quite simple. The important thing to note is that Jane has three folds in this card, so stamp your images, and punch them out in various sizes and colour the backgrounds with dye inks. Then put it together, I would use a piece of A4 card or marks on my mat to get the size of the card about right, so that it fits a standard envelope; then score at A4 in half and for a gate fold on your Groovy Board. Three scores gives you a four sided sard that will look good when it is closed as well as open.


You could use any of Jane’s Clear Magic Grasses, or the flowers or even her weeds for this technique.


The words come from Jane’s Saucer Flowers Clear Magic stamp set.

Thanks for visiting see you soon!


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