Using Embossing Paste with Metal Stencils

Using Embossing Paste with Metal Stencils or even plastic….

This technique looks especially good on dark card stock. It has a sharper edge to it than either dry or thermal embossing and, like dry embossing, it can also be stencilled with colour. The different pastes have various qualities.

  1. When using embossing paste on the metal stencils, you need to work quickly, because the paste sets up in 20-40 minutes and you don’t want it to dry into the fine bridgework of the metal stencils.
  2. Make sure you are working on a hard flat surface and the stencil needs to be flat against the surface, because, if it is bent, the paste will pull under the bridges and smear.
  3. Starting at the top tape the stencil down around all four sides in a clockwise direction, with Woodware Stencil Tape (code 2812). Mask off any areas of the stencil that you do not want included with the tape.
  4. Pick up the paste on the bottom of the metal palette knife and smooth over the stencil’s cut out areas as if applying icing to a cake. Now the paste on the stencil is about 1/8″- 1/4″ thick. At this point, scrape off the excess paste until all the holes are filled evenly and the stencil surface is smooth.
  5. Immediately remove the tape in an anti-clockwise direction leaving on the last piece. Use it like a hinge to lift off the stencil. This gives you a chance to check the coverage. If you have missed a bit you can place the stencil down again in the same position. It is important to clean the stencil off immediately, so drop it into a bowl of water until you have time to scrub it with a vegetable or nail brush. If there is a film or residue of paste on the stencil, use a rubber stamp cleaner that removes permanent inks. Apply it generously and scrub with a dry paper towel.
  6. Set aside the paste project for 20-40 minutes and, when dry, put the cleaned stencil back in place and stencil with a variety of mediums to add colour.

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