A Sad Goodbye

Today we have to say goodbye to Pam our Pampered Stamper as she is moving on to pastures new, and starting a new direction in her creative life.

The direction this will take Pam is not quite sure about at the moment, but she is not short of inspiration.

I thought that it would be a good opportunity to take a look back at her creative talents with some of my favourites from Pam’s fair hands….


Cats a repeating theme in Pam’s work and life.


a very different look


a peek at Pam’s soft side.


and things to eat do play a part of Pam’s creative life.


not only a Stamper but a very accomplished with a stencil or two.


Colours so vibrant and bright.


and more than a touch of fun


great and mixing styles.


more gift ideas

Zen Fish and scales WW door hanger

under the sea


that rooster just keeps popping up.


and don’t forget the men, as well are art Pam is a bit of a film buff, do you know who’s hat this is?


I could go on and on but I think that I will finish with a pussy cat, Pam’s favourite pet, although the new puppy is trying to convert her!

Thanks for the memories and best wishes where ever your creative path takes you Pam!

Thanks for visiting see you soon!

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