Shaker Cards – Day 6

Jane the Flower Girl is last to share her Shaker Card this week, and again we have Christmas, just like Kim Jane has been in Christmas mode finishing offf the samples for the catalogue also Jane has been planning her workshops for the Woodware Retailer days.


Jane has used Winter Trees in a simple black and white, which really makes the shaker part stand out (yes I did mean the play on words)


Jane has up-cycled some plastic packaging (she has a large house so can save everything) In the Shaker she has punched a variety of Christmas shapes in different sizes, and some silver Micro Beads


The shaker part has been created like this. The aperture has been cut so that the plastic fits snuggly in it. The card at the back has been stamped with the trees, but notice that the back card is almost as large as the front one, this helps as you can check it for placemant before adding the shaker part and trim if necessary, if you are very precise you can tape it along one edge on the back when you are happy then fold it back out of the way.

Jane has taped the plastic in place and then filled it with her pieces, then sealed it with the tree stamped card and mounted it on black and then a folded card.

A very clever way to make a shaker card and again no foam tape in sight!

Jane the Flower Girl has more step by step pictures over on her blog so pop over for a look.

Thanks for visiting see you soon!


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