Woodware Wearable Art

This week we are looking at wearable art, so that could be anything and probably will be.

First this week we have Jane the Flower Girl, but no flowers today.

Meet Roger Robot 


Well you may have seen him before,


but this time he is in miniature. Jane has designed Roger with his limbs separate, so that he is perfect for this sort of project. Jane has used white shrink plastic and stamped with a permanent ink.


The shrink plastic is really easy to cut out before it is shrunk, any mistakes get shrunk too! Jane has added some shading with a Sakura Colouring Pencil then punched punched the holes with a regular hole punch, the holes will shrink too!

Jane’s top tip for shrink plastic is to use your anti static pad to dust over the image before shrinking with your heat tool, to stop it sticking to it’s self.

Jane has put all of the pieces together with jump rings.

Jane has mounted Roger on some punched card only attaching the head and body, then added a badge back to the back of the card.

Thanks for visiting, see you soon!


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