Creating Embellishments

On the Woodware Blog this week we are looking at embellishments


I have gone with a very simple technique I have made some flowers with Shrink Plastic.


I have used white shrink plastic and I have stamped Francoise’s Clear Magic Patch Daisy. First I sanded the shrink plastic and then I stamped using Black Surfacez Ink


Then I used Sakura coloured Pencils to colour in the flower.


Then I cut it out and even used a craft knife to get the little gap at the stem!


I have done three flowers.


Then you get your heat tool and shrink! Most people who don’t like shrink plastic get to this stage and panic, but just keep heating and it will curl as it gets to it’s smallest size.


This is a before and after, you can see that as it shrinks the colour deepens.


I have added magnets to the back


and used just one foam mini mounting pad on each magnet.


the two word stamps are from one of the tiddler sets


The stamps Belated Birthday Wishes can be used together or with other stamps.

Thanks for visiting see you soon!


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