Funky Shaped Cards – Day 5

Poor Pam the Pampered Stamper is poorly so you have a second post from me this week, and I have stretched the theme a tiny little bit.


The card is a normal shape but it is in a funky bag, with a gift!

I have to thank Stampy Gwen from The Stamp Pad for the idea


Gwen give me this about a year ago and I had been looking for a reason to make one! (and I didn’t even have to pull it to pieces to work it out, which I am very pleased about, it did take a couple of goes to work it out)


first I started with an 8 x 8 inch square, and folded it in half along the diagonal


then I added 2 more score lines either side of the centre line


then I marked a 10cm centre portion, my Very Useful Ruler is perfect for this


I have drawn in the lines so that you can see them but just score them.


and fold in both sides.


then fold up.


My real one shows up the contrast from using double sided paper this is Roundabout


here you can see where I have taped it.


I decorated with some Peach Grosgrain ribbon.


When making the card I cut my Mixed Media to fit the space. Placed the stamps on.


Then added the block


and stamped! The stamps are Just Words Birthday Kisses and Ranunculus from Jane Gill.


When finished you have a double sided pouch


I made a card for each side and added some earrings


The flower is white and I have coloured it with the ink and added a brad and Steampunk Butterfly.


This finishes off one side


and I have completed it with a bow.

So I hope that you forgive my none funky card!

Thanks for visiting see you soon!

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