The Mirror Crack’d – Masks – Day 6

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FB-LogoTheir theme for this month is Make a Mask either a bought one or from scratch.

We have had a bit of head scratching with this one….

So Jane the Flower Girl is rounding off the week, and she must still be finding beads in her craft room…

JaneJane has used a Paper Mache mask and covered it with beads from our friends at Stix2.

The clever part is what Jane has used to stick the beads, what do you think?

Well Jane has used Dreamweaver’s Silver Embossing paste. The paste makes a great base for projects like this, and if you miss a piece (not that Jane will have missed any parts) if you apply the paste quite thickly you can stick the beads well into it. Jane has pasted the mask in 2 parts and remember to start with the largest gems first and then go smaller and smaller until you fill any gaps with glitter. Very simple and very blingy I love it!

For more photographs and more tips pop over to The Flower Girl, thanks for visitng I hope that you are going to make a mask!

So why not play along with the girls at The Mirror Crack’d you have all month to put your thinking cap on!

Thanks for visiting see you soon!



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