Chosen By Debs – Inspired by Nature – Day 2


Today we have a card by Gill


Gill has been inspired by one of Jane’s inspired by nature stamps Clear Magic stamps. This one is the Grasses Background, Jane goes regularly by train to Kendal to teach classes and these stamps are inspired by what Jane spots at the side of the tracks.


I like this type of card, Gill has stamped twice with a watermark pad and then embossed one image with detail white powder and one with detail black powder. The detail powders have smaller particles than the regular powders and so  show up more of the stamp’s detail.

The tricky part of this card is getting the panels to line up, and Gill has explained her method over on her blog Gill’s Crafty Journey so pop over to  se how she has done it so perfectly!

If you have not tried detail powders, Stampendous have a great five piece set Detail Basic Set with gold, silver, black, clear and white powder.

You will find a list of the classes that Jane is teaching in the coming weeks here on her blog The Flower Girl.

Thanks for visiting see you soon!






3 thoughts on “Chosen By Debs – Inspired by Nature – Day 2

  1. Love this in black and white Gill, very clever and very stylish. Just drawing some more like this ready for next summer! Can’t wait.


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