Friendship Day 6

I am feeling really really bad! Pam the Pampered Stamper has been off on holiday with a load of friends and her Hubby Robert, well Pam like a good and trusty design team member sent me her holiday dates and the cards that had to be posted while she was away…..

Pam the Pampered Stamper was due back this week and Monday was her posting day, when I had not had a card from Pam I just posted the card that I had made and thought that it would sort it’s self out later in the week. Well this morning I had a think to myself and as I have not heard from Pam I wondered if something had gone wrong with  my emails, and I checked Pam’s blog to see if there had been a post on Monday, and yes there it was.


Why I didn’t think about this earlier in the week? Because I was having fun working at The One Big Show that CHA-UK organised for last weekend.

What makes it even worse is the lovely things that Pam has written about me on her blog!

Pam has full details of how she has made this card, and lots of lovely link over on her blog so please pop over and take a look!

While you are there, have a look at the lovely Dreamweaver Zentangled fish card.

So to my dear friend Pam the Pampered Stamper thank you for being nice about me and I am sorry for ever doubting you!

Thanks for visiting see you soon!


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