Chosen by Pam – Inspired by Pinterest – Day 6

I hope that you have enjoyed the blog theme that has been chosen by Pam the Pampered Stamper it is great that Pam was able to be back with us this week as she continues to recover from her car smash.

I often use look for Pinsperation it is a wonderful way to spend an evening! The house canvas that I did a couple of weeks ago when we were doing master boards started with an image on Pinterest, but there they were fabric brooches, you will find them on my Buttons Board.


Here is where I found it Found on

I have made it much simpler


I am pleased with my version.


I have used four punches. The green daisy, square in the yellow and blue size. and a blue circle.


the circles I punched from Helsinki 1 all 25 of them, the edges of the circles I coloured on both sides with Mossy Mix’d Media inks by Clearsnap.


the blue square I punched from card to use as a template to fold the circle around.


to give me this shape.


for the centres i punched 25 white squares and ink the edges with the same colour.


The daisy punch I punched from card and inked with Crafters Canyon ink, my favourite colour, well this week.


I painted the canvas with some acrylic paint that I mixed from PPA Glue and Gold Finch Metallic F/x 


I hope that in this photograph you can see the shimmer on the canvas.


I used my Woodware Very Useful Ruler to line up the pieces on the canvas. I alternated the paper and added just buttons to some of the shapes and flowers and buttons to some.


I hope that you like my finished piece, thanks for visiting see you soon!


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