Mothers Day a Special Lady

The theme this week is Mothers Day, but we don’t all have our Mum’s to make cards for, but I bet that everybody has a special lady in their lives that is like a Mum to them, it may even be just a friend who is always there for you.

First this week we have a card from Jane the Flower Girl

Jane has stamped a wild flower meadow using stamps from three of her new stamps Plant a Meadow Leaves and Dots, Plant a Meadow Petals and Dots, and Plant a Mini Meadow. Starting with a light colour of ink stamp randomly, then repeat, Jane has used grey ink then turquoise followed by black.

You can stamp in different directions but also move the stem of the flower on the block to different angles to vary the look of the flowers. You can also make the stems longer by inking just the stem, turning the stamp upside down and stamping again over the stems on your artwork.

Jane has then finished off with some stickles.

The Happy Birthday is from a great new set of Jane’s. The other words are from Jane’s Relatives Word set.

Jane the Flower Girl has given us a great start to the week, thanks for visiting see you soon!




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