Woodware Spring 2014 Stamp Release – Day 1

I have given my design team two weeks off for Christmas and of course New year, but the blog can not lie with nothing happening so I am bringing you very quick post with some wonderful cards that have been made with the new Wooodware stamps designed by Francoise Read and Jane Gill.

I love this flower that Jane has designed, well I should love it as it has been named after me!

The flower is Dorothy  JGS188

The words are from a brilliant set of Jane’s JGS322 Relatives

The card is from the Base-it’s range B30004 Distress Corners

Here again we have JGS188 Dorothy and also Georgina JGS186. The smaller flowers come from the set  JGS341 Mini Flowers which includes four of Jane’s new flowers in  a complementary size as to the single ones.

JGS901 Birthday Text Box is a small stamp which is easy to repeat.

I am not sure about who made today’s cards, but I do know that it was Kim Reygate or Jane Gill.

Thank you for visiting see you soon, I hope that you are planning you purchases for the new year!



8 thoughts on “Woodware Spring 2014 Stamp Release – Day 1

  1. What an absolutely fab idea to show us all snippets of the new designs for 2014, really looking forward to seeing them all in AMOM.

    Hope all you lovely ladies at Woodware have a lovely and restful Christmas 🙂


  2. Beautiful cards, and how lovely to have a stamp named after you Dorothy.
    Lovely flower and word stamps, and thanks for previewing them over the holiday for us.


  3. Christina….you must have been waiting by your computer for midnight to come round! You must be first on the Woodware blog to see the new samples.

    Thank you Dorothy for giving us the Christmas blog weeks off. Its such a great idea to show off the new stamp designs and the post today features a card by me (the pink one) but the main card is by the wonderful Kim Reygate. I’ve not see all of Kim’s card designs yet, so this is very exciting for me.

    Kim, the card is fantastic and the flowers layer really well. Thanks for such a great card.


    1. Hi Jane. I know that a huge amount of work and effort goes into the designing of new stamps, and then making up all the samples to show us the possibilities for using them. So showing the cards on the blog in the lead up to us ordering them really is a great idea.


  4. Wow – very modern and unusual flowers. It is a honour to have a flower stamp named after you!
    Love that birthday background and a relatives word set will be very useful.

    I am sure your team will be delighted with a break after creating the new collection. And what a brilliant idea to feature the sample cards over the festive period.


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