Monochrome Magic

Ass I opened these pictures in my in box I was really blown away by the beauty of them all, I love making Christmas cards and I love all of the green and red and gold, or the cold colour pallet of silver, blue and purple, but these cards just show that sometime it is not a bad thing to forget about colour.

The cards all come from the girls at A Maze of Memories

The first one comes from Jan Benskin, Jan has used Jane Gill’s Winter Wonderland Clear Magic Single

This card is by Jeanette Thompson

 Oh this is Janette again here she has used Francoise’s Patch Reindeer, that Francoise used earlier this week.

Yes Janette has been very busy, I wish that I was so far ahead with my cards! Here she has used Jane’s Christmas Rose Clear Magic Single.

A Maze of Memory card club have been looking at monochrome they have lots more inspiration for you here

Thank you girls for sharing your wonderful cards!


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