Woodware Challenge – Alter it or Recycle it… Day 5

I love Jane the Flower Girl’s idea today and I am sure it is made with something we all have in our stash

Jane has used her spare envelopes, (you always have lots when you make samples) and turned them into a birthday book.

It is very simple to do decide on the number of pages you want, Jane has used 12 for her birthday book, seal your 12 envelopes, the cut a thin strip off your top.

Decorate the envelopes with paper, or stamps, punches, stencils or anything that takes your fancy.

Cut 2 pieces of thickish card to make the covers of the book. Decorate both sides of the covers.

Punch holes in all of the layers. Use a circle punch to punch a half circle at the top of the envelopes. when I am doing this I mark the underside of my punch at the half way mark so that I can make my half circles the same size. (I know if they are half circles they are the same size, but you know what I mean, it lets me see how far on to push the punch)

For in the pockets Jane has made tags. Have a tag for each month and then keep a note of the birthdays that you have to make cards for each month. It makes it easy to plan ahead.

Using the Woodware book rings is a great way to accommodate your richly decorated pages.

What other uses can you think of for an envelope book?

Birthday book for a special birthday

Brag book for Grandma

small album of a special day out….

You will find more ideas rom Jane on the Flower Girl blog

I am sure that you can come up with a lot more.

Thank you for visiting today see you soon


Use the envelopes as the pages of the book with pockets.


I made this ‘birthday’ book a couple of years ago and it would also make a great scrapbook for any occasion, use the pockets to hold photos, recipes, mementoes or

seed packets for keen gardeners.


Its so simple to make….decide how many pages you want for your book and find some envelopes all the same size. Seal them and cut a sliver off the tops to make the pockets. Cover each side with a patterned paper. Decorate as you wish. Punch some holes on the left side as you see in my photos.





5 thoughts on “Woodware Challenge – Alter it or Recycle it… Day 5

      1. Jane, you lot are so creative and I love seeing what you come up every day !! Just wish I could come up with the ideas you do….

        hugs Diane xx


  1. I love making mini books and this is such an ingenious idea. My daughter starts university today so this would be an ideal little memento to make filled with photo’s and stamped with inspirational quotes which I could send her in a few weeks time as a reminder of home!
    (Now I just need to find the time to actually make it!)


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