Woodware Challenge – Alter it or Recycle it… Day 3

 Alter or recycle it, I am not sure what I have done you decide…


I started with this and finished with…


I like the yogurt, but I also like the tub that it come in, and use them for bits and pieces, and also as a waste bin on my table while I am crafting, ideal for the backing off double sided tape and the ends off ribbon. Decorating one has been a plan for quite a long time.


So when the yogurt is finished and the cardboard cover in the recycling you have a pot or bin.


First I cut some Craft Canvas then I sprayed it with Crafters re-inker that I had mixed with water in a Mist It Bottle.


I marked the back with the ribbon widths and where I wanted the slits to be.


The marking was a bit messy.


This is the right side


This is the wrong side , I gave it a paint with acrylic paint. If the pot had not been clear I would not have bothered doing this.


I glued some ribbon around the top and glued the sides with USArtQuest PPA.


 turn it the right side out and that is it!


I added some slits so that I could add some ribbon around the middle.

Thank you for visiting today, happy crafting!


5 thoughts on “Woodware Challenge – Alter it or Recycle it… Day 3

  1. I can see a rush on yogurt pots in supermarkets during the next few weeks!!!! I’m just off now to get some. FAB U LUS Dorothy!


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