Woodware Challenge – Funny Folds – Day 4

 Today we have a funny fold from Jane the Flower Girl

So where is the funny fold I hear you shout!?!

Jane has made a Christmas decoration that folds flat so that you can send it to a friend in an envelope.

Cut 5 or 6 of the 10 cm (4″) squares then fold in half then open out and fold in the opposite direction then fold one diagonal. Look at this picture to see which direction your folds have to be and then use your bone folder to make sure that you have good creases.

 Jane has edged her thin card with silver ink, and then used punched snowflakes to decorate the squares, this would look equally good with patterned paper, or stamping. If you use two colours of card hen it would be best to do six pieces.

When you are decorating remember that you are going stick the 2 outside squares together. If you place the squares together like this you can see which pieces go together

The card that Jane has used is from this selection  of 12 x 12 card. It is a light weight card that holds the creases well.

Here you can three of the shades of card.


When closed the card is a mini 5 cm square, but you could make it as big as 15cm square!

Add a cover and remember to stick the ribbon in between the layers.

Pop over and see Jane’s tips on her blog.

Thank you for visiting today, see you soon.


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