Woodware Challenge – Girlie Things – Day 4

Today we have a very late post, for a very simple reason, no electricity yesterday evening!

So here is Francoise’s Girlie Thing

Francoise has used her Teeny Bopper peel offs and lots of patterned paper to make this 60’s looking card. Do the 60’s count as vintage? I did have trousers like these, but I was still at school I hasten to add!

Here you can see that Francoise has used  paper piecing with the peel off to make the top. Just put the peel off on to patterned paper and then cut around it, this means that you can add dimension to your peel off projects.

I also had shoes like these! The flower is the Regular Plum (orange) with just an office punch size circle in the centre.

The paper pieced peel offs have been coloured with Peel Off Pens they are translucent so they allow the strips to show through. The Sakura Glaze Pens would bee great for this too.

A very different Girlie look for you today, but really fun to make.

Thank you for visiting, see you tomorrow!


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