Woodware Challenge – Girlie Things – Day 3

This week I have really struggled to decide what to make for Girlie Things I had too many ideas, the possibilities are endless! Then I remembered about the necklace that I friend had on when we went out for lunch last week. I have added a photograph of my inspiration on my blog.



So inspired by my friends necklace I have made these.


For my first one I used these three punches and punched them from a piece of frosted shrink plastic.


here you can see that they were punched from each other.


I inked with Crafters through the stencil


and then shrunk the pieces.


To ink the pieces push them into a Watermark pad. Yes my pad is very dirty!


If you use a small container you can dip the piece in to cover it with embossing powder.


These are works in progress, I have used two or tree coats of powder, and they were a mix of Frantage powders, so I have no idea what they are!


I used my Double Ended Etching Tool too hold the pieces while embossing.


I also used black Shrink Plastic. The hole in the centre of these ones as the regular size circle punch.


This is the black plastic with Aged Silver Frantage embossing enamel.


I used the Mobile Cords to put them together.


If you don’t have findings then you can use some cord.


If you use about 0.75m of cord and then tie it too it’s self, you can alter the length to suit the clothes that you are wearing.

I had a really fun hour or two playing with these and I want to try it with heart punches next! They look like metal but are so light weight that they would make good earrings too.

Thank you for visiting today you will find lots more Girlie things this week so keep popping in!


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