Woodware Challenge – Girlie Things – Day 2

Today we have a card from Kim, that reflects a very Sophisticated Girlie image, and us girls do have many sides to us, and not in a bad way!

Kim has used Jane’s Vive La Plume  Clear Magic single. The stamping is lovely and soft. This card has a really romantic feeling to it. The border is the Butterfly Floral cassette with added pearls, I know this is silly but I really like the fact that Kim has used the border facing into the card and not on the edge, I hope that makes sense.

The flower and the distress ribbon are perfect together, and how to make the flower is beyond me! But I am sure that Kim has the answer. The leaf punch on the other hand I tell you is the Floral Punch Craft Ash Branch  which adds to the gentle romantic feel of the card.

Thank you for visiting today and pop over for more about this card from Kim, see you soon!


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