Woodware Challenge – Cats and Dogs – Day 5

We have had too many cats this week so I thought I should bring you a dog.

8This is Sydney, she was my daughters dog and best friend until a few weeks ago.

I have used the Shrink Jet which is a shrink plastic that goes through an ink jet printer. It is great! you can even print on both sides of the plastic.

SydThis is the original photograph.

The Shrink Jet has really clear instructions in the packet telling you haw to alter you photograph.


If you have ever used shrink plastic you will know that the colour intensifies when you shrink it, so you have to change your photo to have a washed out feel. The pack sends you to an online photo programme and then walks you through the process.

6This is the Chippie tag that I want to put the photo on.

4Here is it after shrinking, I do the shrinking with my heat tool, but you can use an oven if you would rather.

1I have used a mixture of embossing powders on my Chippie tag.


Then I stuck the my Sydney to the tag, I used the Ultra Bond double sided adhesive to attach her. Then I added more embossing powder around the shrunk image and at the side. I stamped into the hot embossing powder with the dog paws from the Artemio Friends clear stamp set.

To the back I added a magnet cut from the A4 sheets.

Next I made a card to mount the finished magnet on.


I drew around the inside of the Chippie so that I could get the placement right for my stamping.


Then I added some paws.


and some buttons


I used an ATC Card to make a topper so that when the magnet was removed the card would still be complete.  The dog is from the Friends set too.


I made another ATC for the inside to put a magnet on so that the magnets held the 2 pieces in place.

I should have hidden the magnet under the front piece, but I didn’t think of that until it was too late! next time.


Well that is it, but I really like the shrink plastic, why not give it a go, great for key rings and photos of children and grand children?

Lots of photographs and not many words today, so if you have any questions, leave a comment and I will answer it for you.Thank you for visiting today.


2 thoughts on “Woodware Challenge – Cats and Dogs – Day 5

  1. Oh Dorothy, such a wonderful project and Sydney is so lovely. So sad to lose a pet. Its a wonderful way to keep a memory alive and remember happy walks and cuddles.


  2. What an interesting project. Thanks for all the photos and information. I have never used shrink jet but it sounds like it has numerous possibilities. The little dog tag is a wonderful keepsake of Sydney.


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