Woodware Challenge – Backgrounds – Day 5

It is Jane the Flower Girl today, and Jane has used a fun product from ColorBox.

 It is Magic Stamp, I think I like it because you can use it over and over again to make your own stamps. It can be used with a stamp and it makes a reverse image. Or as Jane has done here with found objects.

Use your heat tool to warm up the surface of the block and then press it into any texture to make your custom stamp.

For her background Jane has impressed her Magic Stamp with the lace that you can see here. Just heat the block and then press on the lace for about 20 seconds.

Here that you can see that Jane has used 2 shades of pink ink. You can use your favourite type of in with the Magic Stamp.

To use your Magic Stamp just think texture, buttons, rubber bands, wood grain, leaves, paper clips……anything with some texture.

You can keep the design that you have created for next time or, just heat the Magic Stamp and the design will melt away.

Use the Magic Stamp just as you would any stamp.

Jane has used her Essential Birthdays Clear Magic set for the birthday greeting to finish off the card.

The paper flowers and Glitter Domes are all that is needed to make this a great fast card.

Jane the Flower Girl has more tips over on her blog so pop over and have a peek.

Thank you for visiting today see you soon.



3 thoughts on “Woodware Challenge – Backgrounds – Day 5

  1. What a pretty card, and such a lovely stamped lace detail.

    I think the Magic stamp is a brilliant product, and very inexpensive. My Saturday girl, Mary, used hers to make a stamp of a Custard Cream biscuit – so you really can use everyday objects with great results!


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