Woodware Challenge – Cards For Men

 We are looking at cards for those pesky men  that most people have trouble getting inspiration for.

Jane the Flower Girl is first this week, Jane has quite a few stamp designs that are suitable for men, this week she has chosen her Frigate Clear Magic set.

 The stamping has all been done in black, and mainly craft card.


 Jane has water coloured the image, and has machine stitched the layers together, a nod to the stitching on the sails of the frigate.

 Jane has made her own background stamp by putting three of the stamps from the set on an acrylic block at the same time and stamping all over the card.  A very clever use of your clear stamps.

Lots of distressed edges and splodges of ink, give this card an aged feel to it, lovely!

Thank you for visiting us today pop over to see what tips Jane have for you.


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