Walk the Walk…

Well we did it!

Thank you all for your support, this is us at the start of the walk in the big pink tent. It was a very very cold night!

Jane has the story in pictures over on the Flower Girl Blog including an end of walk image, that shows relief and tiredness. I really can’t cope with staying up all night.

Walk  the Walk is connected to Breast Cancer but if you were to ask me why did I do the walk you can find the answer here Living With Cancer I have followed this blog through 2 sets of walk training, and the strength and dignity that Helen shows is an inspiration to us all.

It is not too late to donate you can find our fundraising page here

 The money is not the most important part, being fit and healthy is just as important and taking care of our bodies to help them last a long time, so that we can use up all those crafting goodies that we have been stashing away for years.

If you have any worries about breast cancer you will find support on the Breast Cancer Care site, they have lots of information and advise.



Thank you for your support!


11 thoughts on “Walk the Walk…

  1. We had a great night really! It was cold and windy and very long, but we made it. Thanks to everybody who cheered us on. Jane


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