Woodware Challenge – White – Day 2

Here is my take on white…

Dorrie I am rather pleased with the outcome.

Thanks to Pam the Pampered Stamper using flock last week I got my flock out.


I used the Butterfly Duo Stencil and first I used the original white embossing paste from Dreamweaver and while the paste was set wet I added a mix that I had made up of Cotton Ball White Flock and Crystal Glitter. I like to push the flock down when I use it on tape to make sure it has stuck properly, but you can’t do this with the paste as you would spread it out, so dump a load on the paste and them set aside for the paste to dry.

Dorrie2When the paste is dry knock the excess off.


I hope that you can see the glitter and flock in the close up, it adds a nice mix of contrasting textures.


Next I got out my UsArtQuest Dicro Fibres and fused them, I hope that you can see from this photograph that I just fused them along the bottom, not easy to photograph. I like the fluffiness of the fibres, but they are easier to place where you want them if they are fused. They are normally set with an iron, but I just put some parchment which comes with the fibres over the top of my fibres and rub them with a spoon while I heat with my heat tool. Sorry no photos as it takes 3 hands to do it!

You will find a video from Sue at UsArtQuest about using the fibres here.


So then just a touch of Chunky White deep impressions embossing powder with an added sprinkle of Shaved Ice. The ribbon got a sprinkle of chunky white too and then was heated and shrivelled.

Dorrie5I knotted it after I had embossed it.

And that is it, all white, apart from the touches of twinkle.

Thank you for visiting today and don’t forget that the Crafty Cardmakers Challenge is still open.




2 thoughts on “Woodware Challenge – White – Day 2

  1. Love all the textures you have included Dorothy. It makes for a very interesting card. We are using Dreamwaever stencils in class this week so I’l have a go using some flock/glitter mix as that is something I haven’t tried.


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