Woodware Challenge – Week 95 – Around the World – Day 2

I have said this before but I am going to tell you again, the title that is at the top of the page is all that the design team get to go on for the posts, they all at times wonder if they are on the right lines, but I just think that what ever they take it to mean is perfect, this week I have had Jane scratching her head, wondering if this is what I wanted.

Jane hasn’t designed any travel stamps yet (well except her lovely Scottish ones) so we have a bon voyage card that Jane has made with a copy of an image from a book and some simple stamping. Jane has matted and layered the card so that it is not a plane card. Edging the layers is a good way to tie things together.

Jane has used two Stampendous Alphabet sets Story Book and the Small Typewriter Alphabet.

 Touches like the V in the strip to make it a  banner which could be trailing from the plane.

The small aeroplane gives the card a wonderful highlight, and does mean that you will have to get your Groovy Board out to make a box!

I don’t post until the end of the week, so I am wondering where my imagination will take me, I think I have an idea! Where would you like to travel too on Jane’s map?

If you would like to share your travel creations then you can find out how at the bottom of here, thank you for visiting, happy crafting.



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